House model – Balker H172 Standard

Everyone dreams about a house of their own.

With BALKER its simple! BALKER module houses is a solution for everyone who value time and money. Due to modern, ecological technology we can put the house in any place in the world, knowing in advance how much it will cost and how much time we have to devote to construct it.

The house presented is distinguished with modern construction.

This is a ground building with 4 bedrooms, the largest of which disposes of its own wardrobe and bathroom. We have the exit from the large living room with a kitchen annex directly onto the terrace. Broad glazing assures the feeling of space and match the modern building concept. The house possesses also a 2-post garage.

BALKER moduler houses is a novelty solution to be proposed to the clients worldwide.

The technology used is based on creating finished, wooden modules combined at the construction site. Each module is one wall – the inside wall is finished with a plaster-board, whereas the outside with an acryl render and a decorative board. The walls possess a cavity with 25 centimeters of woolen filling resulting in excellent insulation- see construction details below.

The wall modules contain protective pipes to allow the electrics to be quickly and easily installed.

Module houses are able to be heated with traditional methods, however BALKER recommends ecological solutions – like heat pumps or heat mats along with photovoltaic installation allow for an environmentally friendly and more economic solution.

Gallery – Balker H172 Standard:

Architectonic plans – Balker H172 Standard


External wall


1. Structural render/elevation board

2. Base under the render

3. System net for the render

4. Mineral wool – Rockwool 12cm

5. Wind-insulation foil

6. OSB Board 1,8cm

7. Construction beam 50/160mm

8. Mineral wool – Rockwool 15cm

9. Supporting pipe for electrical installation

10. OSB Board 1,2cm

11. Paro-insulation foil

12. Plasterboard


1. OSB board 1,8cm

2. Ceiling beam 50/180mm

3. Mineral wool Rockwool 20 cm

4. OSB Board 1,2cm

5. Paro-insulation foil

6. Plasterboard