We create reliable, practical and energy-saving solutions!

16 years experience in the construction industry. Building residential and commerial proprties both in Poland and abroad.

The technology we use is based on creating finished, wooden modules combined at the construction site.

A complete house is manufactured from natural, certified materials in closed conditions and ready to be assembled on the site.

The whole process from signing the agreement to assembly of the house is subject to a local rules and regulations but assembly of the house itself takes just 7-10 days.

Low running costs!

Energy efficiant design and fixed price of construction as well as short build time are massive advantages.

A house assembled in every season of the year!

Based on construction technology developed in countries like Norway, Sweden, Germany and Canada. A complete house is manufactured in Poland from certified materials in closed conditions.

We accept orders from all over Europe

Construction is suitable for all types of climate. For the last decade buildings using this technology have been succesfully constructed in countries with high humidity and low temperatures.