Hausmodelle Balker H35

Preis ab 150 000 PLN Brutto

Plan your holidays in your new Holiday Home!

With BALKER it's easy! BALKER prefabricated houses are a solution for everyone who values time and money - thanks to modern technology, production takes place indoors, therefore the assembly process on the construction site is a maximum of 7 days!

Small but year-round house!

BALKER H35 is a modern YEAR-ROUND house. It was designed to create the perfect place for a family relax or as a recreational home for rent.
From the living room with kitchenette we have an exit directly to the terrace, a wooden staircase leads us to the mezzanine where we can arrange a cozy bedroom with a balcony. Wide and numerous glazing provide a sense of space.
There is also the option of choosing an external finish (Siberian larch or modern sheet metal) as well as buying a carport and terrace.

Energy self-sufficient house!

We think that a roof alone is not enough. Everyone should have their own asylum, a place where they can always go without thinking about bills. To take advantage of the possibilities of the technology in which we build, we suggest installing heating mats and photovoltaic panels, which will reduce bills to a minimum.

Intelligent Solutions

The possibilities of remote control of heating and lighting give us a sense of comfort and peace, even at a distance we have control over our property.
The walls have pipes for electrical installation, which reduces installation time and costs.

Bildgalerie – Balker H35:

Architekturpläne – Balker H35:

Alle Oberflächen wurden gemäß PN-ISO 9836:1997 gezählt

1 /01HALLE4,944,94
1 /02BAD2,402,40
2 /01SCHLAFZIMMER10,587,15




1. Strukturputz / Fassadenbrett

2. Sperrgrund unter den Putz

3. Fassadennetz unter den Putz

4. Gepresste Mineralwolle Rockwool 10 cm

5. Windisolierfolie

6. OSB-Platte 1,8 cm

7. Konstruktionsbalken 50/140 mm

8. Mineralwolle Rockwool 15 cm

9. Kabelkanal für die Elektroinstallation

10. OSB-Platte 1,2 cm

11. Dampfsperrfolie

12. Gipskartonplatte


1. OSB-Platte 1,8 cm

2. Deckenbalken 50/160 mm

3. Mineralwolle Rockwool 20 cm

4. OSB-Platte 1,2 cm

5. Dampfsperrfolie

6. Gipskartonplatte

Ściana wewnętrzna

1. Gipskartonplatte

2. Dampfsperrfolie

3. OSB-Platte 12 mm

4. Rockwool Mineralwolle 15 cm

5. Aufbau aus zertifiziertem Holz C24 5×14

6. Kabelkanal für Elektroinstallation

7. OSB-Platte 12 mm

8. Dampfsperrfolie

9. Gipskartonplatte


1. Dachsparren

2. Dachmembrane

3. Dachlatte

4. Konterlattung

5. Dachblech für Stehfalz